Dr. Jody Mokler D.V.M.

I can't tell you how great Dr. Jody Mokler has been. She is one of the resident small animal veterinarians at the Brooklin Veterinary Hospital in Brooklin Ontario, Canada.
I had been going to Brooklin right from Thor's first vet visit. There seemed to be a revolving door of vet's of different skills, patience and aptitude there and I was just about to seek out a new clinic when Jody arrived. She has a wonderful, cheerful demeanor and understands that the health and wellfare of the animal involves the ower as well. Both of the boys just loved going to see her despite any discomfort they may have been through on previous visits. The old story of dogs not wanting to go visit the vet was never a problem for us. Both of them loved going for the visit regardless of what ever else went on.

Jody also doesn't back away from a challenge and she has provided me with a long list of specialist to go to when Loki developed his list of health issues. When we discovered the cancer in Loki, Jody was very aggressive at getting us appointments with veterinary oncologists and moving us up the schedule. Because of the late detection of Loki's cancer, time was of the essence, Jody and the staff at Brooklin went beyond the call of duty to get us in to places quickly and I can't thank her enough.

Even when primary treatment had been passed off to a Veterinary Oncologist specialist, Jody was always involved, inquisitive of the progress of the treatment and genuinly engaged with the long-term treatment of her patient.

In all of my professional encounters I have never met a more passionate and involved caring, professional. Not a praise I spread lightly or widely.

When it came time to put Thor and Loki down I was surprised and warmed by her compassion with what must be a fairly regular and unplesant aspect of the veterinary practice. She was absolutely wonderful and helped me through the incredibly painful ordeal as much as she helped Loki and Thor.

If you are looking for one fabulous veterinarian, I can't recomend Jody enough.

Currently Jody practices at the Brooklin Veterinary Hospital located at 450 Wincester Road East in Brooklin Ontario, just north of Whitby, Ontario Canada.

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